Swagtron T6 Hoverboard

swagtron t6 hoverboard

The Swagtron T6 Hoverboard is a great choice for people interested in learning how to hoverboard, the easy way.  For inexperienced riders, the T6 model offers an intuitive learning method with its self-balancing feature.

Swagtron T6:


Among its many features, the Swagtron allows users to:

  • Ride safely with its UL 2272 Safety Certification  
  • Range up to 22 miles of traveling distance
  • Easy turning and spinning with its open wheels
  • Two riding modes. One for experienced users, and one for users in training
  • Reach up to 10 mph in speed – faster than jogging speed
  • Take it anywhere you want with its practical size and low weight
  • Rubber tires suited for almost any surface
  • High-quality brand lithium battery secured with Sentry Shield
  • Recharge it anywhere, with a power requirement of 100 to 240 Volts


Even though the Swagtron T6 counts with great features, most hoverboard companies have begun adding new technology. For instance:

  • The Swagtron T6 can´t make its way around slight bumps on the curb or jump any sort of obstacle
  • This hoverboard doesn’t qualify as an “all-terrain” model
  • The Swagtron lacks a dedicated customer support
  • Even though it can reach over 10km speed, going at maximum power drains the battery faster
  • Selling at $350 a piece, this hoverboard is among the highest price self-balancing scooters
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