SKQUE X1 Hoverboard

SKQUE X1 Hoverboard

The SKQUE X1 model is engineered to last with an A-list of materials and tech components. What’s more, its ABS chassis offers durability and a safe way to get dirty while riding. Other cool features from the Freestyle hoverboard are:


  • Free Remote Control, turn it on or off without even touching it
  • Samsung Battery pack, easily removable
  • UL 2272 Safety Certification
  • Bluetooth Speakers for you to play your favorite music
  • A maximum distance of 20 to 25 Km and Max speed of 10 Km
  • Unlike most of the hoverboards currently in the market, it endures hard conditions with its high-grade ABS chassis.
  • Only takes 1 hour to charge, so you can hop on and continue riding


  • No App for iOS or Android
  • Riding for a whole hour listening music could mean a lesser mileage, as it drains the battery significantly
  • The hoverboard’s motor doesn´t keep up with newer models
  • Higher price than other hoverboards with the same features or more
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