Segway MiniPRO

segway minipro hoverboard

The Segway MiniPRO is nothing short of a hybrid between the original segway and modern self-balancing hoverboards. With an improved technology and features, the MiniPRO can offer plenty of fun and commodity to its user.

Segway MiniPRO:


  • Anti-theft Function
  • Customizable LED tail lights
  • Water & Weather Resistant
  • Max Speed of 10 Km/h and Range of up to 22 Km
  • Hard aluminium chassis and mudguards, suited for endurance
  • Bluetooth connectivity and UL Certified
  • Knee sensors for a better ride


  • No Bluetooth speakers
  • Shorter duration battery
  • Much more expensive than hoverboards
  • No mobile app for iOS or Android
  • Restrained movability and harder to carry


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