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The Levit8ion Xtreme hoverboard from Nov8tech has one of the safest riding modes thanks to its state-of-the-art technology sensors. Step on the edge of the hoverboard’s foot-platform and start one foot at a time. With its practical size and UL Certification, the Levit8ion Xtreme is the best way for beginners to start hoverboarding.

Levit8ion xtreme

Get creative and let your hoverboard take you to whatever place you have in mind. For instance, you can visit the sandy beaches without worrying you’ll get stuck, or go through grass and rocky surfaces.

Why you should buy a Levit8ion Xtreme: Pros

  • The model Xtreme has a bigger form and hard rubber tires, allowing the user to ride through rough terrains, without losing stability
  • Cheaper Price
  • The Levit8ion Xtreme small size lets you take it almost everywhere you go, and its battery only needs charging for a half-hour.
  • The model Xtreme hard rubber tires knock down the limits for conventional hoverboards, giving it an all-terrain mode.
  • Get up to 10 Km/h max speed and over 15 Km of range
  • Users can ride through rough terrains thanks to its 10-inch hard rubber wheels
  • Plus, its mobile app for iOS and Android devices gives users the possibility of locating, shutting down or powering up their  hoverboard.

Cons of getting the Xtreme model from Levit8ion

For the most part, the Levit8ion Xtreme counts with a flawless design and all the right features. However, its Aquiles’ heel relies on its battery. The new X-Plus models come with a Samsung battery module capable of doubling the charge time.

  • Despite being in the top category, the Levit8ion Xtreme can malfunction if hit hard against the ground.
  • A clash with any hard object or a hard fall may intervene its primary functions. If broken, red blinking light will let you know if it needs fixing.

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