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The Best & The Worst about the Levit8ion ION Hoverboard

When it comes to high-quality hoverboards, the Levit8ion ION is in the “must-have” list for every rider. Even though hoverboards gained momentum when they were first launched in the market, the hype vanished quickly. However, all Levit8ion hoverboards count with a UL 2272 safety certification, assuring the battery’s reliability and endurance.


  • Any stain is easily removable, so your Levit8ion ION looks brand new, even if it’s months old.
  • LED light to enhance the view and driveability of the self-balancing scooter.
  • Travel between 9 and 12 miles with your Levit8ion ION
  • Even though the ION is not suited for all terrains, it does come with mudguards, to manage rough or messy surfaces better.
  • Get up to 10 Km/h with all Levit8ion hoverboards
  • Offers a dedicated customer support for its buyers.
  • Buying the Levit8ion ION comes with the perk of soliciting customer support.
  • It communicates any failure is with a blinking red dot close to the LED light.


  • For starters, the ION needs up to 3 hours to charge, while the X models only take half the time.
  • The ION hoverboard maximum speed is also 7.5mph, but unlike the X and X Plus, the motor is only a dual 200W.
  • Its 6.5-inch wheels can’t cover the same terrains as other models, given that newer hoverboards count with 10-inch hard rubber tires.
  • The battery of the ION doesn´t support as many activities as the Levit8ion Ultra for example. If you want to ride more than 10 miles while listening to music through the hoverboard’s Bluetooth speakers, think again.
  • Listening to music is a valuable input and takes the battery life down if used continuously.

Recent Major Events Involving Hoverboards

The UL 2272 Safety Certification made its way through hoverboard companies after a letter from the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) urged the manufacture, distribution and importation of hoverboards to comply with voluntary safety standards.

What is UL 2272 Certificate?

The UL 2272 takes away the concern of the hoverboard battery blowing up or catching on fire, as it’s an International trustworthy certification given only to the safest self balancing scooters.

Why it’s not safe to purchase any hoverboard without a UL certification?

Given how the hoverboards’ batteries were the ones exploding or catching on fire. UL adopted a safety strategy to address the electrical failures and assess the electrical system safety. So, buying any hoverboard without the UL certificate could pose a threat to the user, as the manufacturing process for it didn’t comply with their standards.

With a group of battery experts with over 30 years in the field, all UL products are thoroughly tested before hitting the shelves.The UL 2272 testing requirements evaluate not only the safety of the hoverboards’ electrical system, but also the safety of the electrical drive train system and charger system combinations.


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