Epik GO Classic

epikgo all terrain

The Big Kahuna of retail hoverboards is the EPIKGO Premier Series. It is designed to face up to any terrain and weather, all while blasting beats from its 10w Bluetooth speakers. The EPIKGO undergoes 159 tests to avoid any fire hazard and to make sure its 400W motor can overcome most obstacles with ease.


  • It can handle steep slopes of 18° and carries a 1-year manufacturer guarantee that covers parts and maintenance. You can order an EPIKGO Premier Series Hover Self Balancing Board and go everywhere, as long as you charge it every 3 hours
  • This big toy is a 1/3 times larger than usual hoverboards and nearly twice as powerful.
  • The LG Smart battery is one of the safest and most powerful on the market. It’s water resistant, and the rubber tires are rated IP56 which means that this hoverboard is protected against high-pressure water and dust ingress.
  • The battery charges quickly and the 400-watt Dual Motors can last over 10 miles in “tough road” conditions. If you are looking for adventure and a far from average choice, this hoverboard can definitely fit your needs.


  • The Epik GO doesn’t count with Bluetooth speakers
  • No dedicated app for remote control & monitoring
  • Bigger in size than most hoverboards
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One thought on “Epik GO Classic

  1. Jane Scarolla says:

    Great site! Found out everything I needed to know about hoverboards in seconds! My new epikGO rides as advertised and came fully charged.. my son loves it thanks!

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