Levit8ion X Plus

The Levit8ion X Plus takes hoverboarding to the next level, with new features and a better design. Very much like the model X, the X-Plus also counts with an “all-terrain” mode. The X-Plus bigger platform increases stability, making it a great product for both newbies and professionals. What differentiates the X Plus hoverboard from the X model is its Samsung battery module. The new battery for the X Plus model can provide longer travels. Also, the X Plus comes with the same UL 2272 safety certification. The Levit8ion X Plus’ 10-inch rubber tires offer a better grip for uneven surfaces. The X-Plus revamped battery from the South Korean tech giant is the gem for the new hoverboard from Nov8tech. The Samsung battery module offers not only longer trips on two wheels, but also an easier and safer way to power your hoverboard.

 Control your hoverboard remotely with the X-Plus Bluetooth and mobile app feature for iOS and Android. You can turn it on or off on command, using only your smartphone. What’s more, if anything happens to you X Plus hoverboard, rest easy, you can locate it using its mobile app. For inexperienced riders, the X-Plus model offers an intuitive learning method with its self-balancing feature.

Levit8ion X plus

Start by placing only one foot on the hoverboard and the Levit8ion X Plus will automatically help you get balanced. Its LED motion indicator allows for a better turning radius. This translates into more control and a better riding experience for all users.

Quick Guide to master your Levit8ion X or X Plus

  • To move forward, press your toes on both foot platforms downward and keep balance
  • If you want to go backward, just press both heels on the platform
  • Turning your hoverboard can be done by putting most of your weight on the side you want to go (If you want to go left, push left)
  • You can spin in one location by tilting one foot forward, and the other heel backward and maintaining said motion

What’s wrong with the new Levit8ion X Plus

Even though there’s plenty of great things about the Levit8ion X Plus, it’s worth mentioning it’s not all good news. Notably, the X-Plus model brings all the Levit8ion X hoverboard features, including a new battery from Samsung. Also, it brings a mobile app supported by iOS and Android devices. Nonetheless, reviews are coming in, and there are a few hiccups in product features and quality.


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