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Levit8ion Ion

The Best & The Worst about the Levit8ion ION Hoverboard When it comes to high-quality hoverboards, the Levit8ion ION is in the “must-have” list for every rider. Even though hoverboards gained momentum when they were first launched in the market, the hype vanished quickly. However, all Levit8ion hoverboards count with a UL 2272 safety certification, […]

Levit8ion X

Levit8ion X Plus

Levit8ion X: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly The Levit8ion X hoverboard from Nov8tech has one of the safest riding modes thanks to its state-of-the-art technology sensors. Step on the edge of the hoverboard’s foot-platform and start one foot at a time. With its practical size and UL Certification, the Levit8ion X is the […]

Swagtron T1

swagtron t1

Swagtron T1 Pros & Cons The Swagtron T1 Hoverboard is a great choice for people interested in learning how to hoverboard, the easy way.  For inexperienced riders, the T1 model offers an intuitive learning method with its self-balancing feature. Among its many features, the Swagtron allows users to: Ride safely with its UL 2272 Safety […]

Scooter Hip Hop

The Self-balancing Scooter Hip Hop is engineered for a more stable, safer and faster ride making it easy to control. Designed to last with an A-list of materials and tech components. What’s more, its ABS chassis offers durability and a safer way to get off road while riding compared to the best hoverboard brands. Other cool features […]

Segway MiniPRO

segway minipro hoverboard

The Segway MiniPRO is nothing short of a hybrid between the original segway and modern self-balancing hoverboards. With an improved technology and features, the MiniPRO can offer plenty of fun and commodity to its user. Pros Anti-theft Function Customizable LED taillights Water & Weather Resistant Max Speed of 10 Km/h and Range of up to […]