Why Uncertified Hoverboards Are Dangerous Hoverboards?

dangerous hoverboards

Reasons: Why Uncertified Hoverboards Are Dangerous Hoverboards?

Today, there are two ways in which you could obtain a risky, substandard, uncertified dangerous hoverboards. The First is through unscrupulous retailers bent on turning a profit. If you think, however, that the second reason involves the purchase of cheap hoverboards, then you are wrong.

To put it simply, you will probably snag a cheaper hoverboard that can still offer top-of-the-line specs and experience. On the other hand, you are at risk if you have been unfortunate enough to get one that has a faulty battery pack.

Lithium Ion Battery Risk

The bulk of hoverboard today use lithium ion batteries, which could pose a risk or more specifically become a fire hazard when produced and used inappropriately. You might have heard of this problem surface in cases of other devices such as smartphones.

The same process is at work here: a hoverboard battery, for example, can explode if it is consistently overcharged. The module can store huge amount of energy, which could lead to overheating and actual explosion or bursting.

dangerous hoverboards

The batteries could be prone to similar symptoms which are also physically damaged.

Standards to Follow

To address the battery problem, including its risks, consumers should verify if the hoverboard manufacturer has secured the UL 2272 certification. It is currently the national standard in the United States and Canada and it offer OEMs electrical and fire-safety testings.

The agency providing the UL certification further outlined key reminders that users have to follow and these include: Keeping the hoverboard away from flammable materials while charging and refrain from overcharging. The user is also encouraged to consistently use the charger that shipped with the device. If an incident does occur, consumers can leave the area and call 911. Unfortunately, the nature of battery chemical fires could make it inappropriate to use a fire extinguisher.

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