TOMOLOO: Best Hoverboard on Amazon Based on Avg Customer Reviews

TOMOLOO hoverboard

The new TOMOLOO hoverboard with Bluetooth Speakers and LED lights has become a hit among Amazon customers. What does this two-wheel self-balancing scooter have that makes it so attractive?

It’s precisely the versatility of this hoverboard that makes it fit into the expectations of a family. A balance between safety, quality and enough speed can make it an excellent choice when it comes to sharing this toy in a family group. Kids will be safe, teens won’t be bored, and adults can enjoy an hour of fun while learning to ride.

How the TOMOLOO Hoverboard fits any family

  • TOMOLOO is one trusted leader of electric scooters manufacturers, and all of them are UL2272-Certified and approved by the CPSC (Guaranteed quality and safety), and a UL2271-Certified Samsung Battery.
  • In addition to the typical safety certifications, all the TOMOLOO products are thoroughly inspected and tested before shipping to ensure a reliable and safe fun for its customers
  • The TOMOLOO hoverboard comes with great Bluetooth 4.0 speakers, which are of excellent quality and provide crisp sound.
  • For all sizes: The best hoverboard TOMOLOO has only weights limit of 264 lbs so that all family members can roll around on it.

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  • It comes with a handy and user-friendly app. All functions can be controlled from the app including Driving Force, Maximum Speed, Lights. You can also create and take up Challenges to make friends within the app.
  • The Non-Slip pads along with the max speed of 8 mph will make it appropriate for your children.
  • The battery lasts up to 12 miles allowing it to last for hours on a single charge. The 4.3 Ah battery can be fully charged in just 120 minutes.
  • The 300-watt power motor is silent. The balancing technology will maintain balance helping you avoid accidents while learning how to ride.
  • The RGB LED light’s design makes it even more fun to ride; you can switch the colors with the free smartphone app. You can play around with four lights on each side.
  • It comes with an advanced mainboard program to improve stability especially for those who are learning.


“Our 12 year old used up his savings to get this.He desperately wanted a hoverboard, and we insisted that we get one that is safe. He loves it,” reads one of the reviews.

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