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Hoverboard Games: How to Play Hoverboard Hockey

Hoverboard Hockey

What? Didn’t you know you could play hockey with a hoverboard? Well, if you can play on grass, on the pavement, and on the ice, why wouldn’t you play on wheels? The obvious response is “because it is dangerous,” but in reality, it doesn’t have to be more dangerous than real hockey. Let’s take a […]

Can the elderly ride hoverboards safely?

Hoverboard Elderly

With the UL 2272 regulation, anyone can make sure that its hoverboard is safe for standard use. But what happens if the driver is way older than expected? One might think that hoverboards are meant for kids. However, they can be of great help for people who can no longer run from one place to […]

Are Wheeled Hoverboards Facing Extinction Due to Levitating Hoverboards?

Levitating hoverboards

Wheeled hoverboards may be enjoying their last moments in the sun before levitating hoverboards take over. Most people in the U.S. are aware of the hoverboard trend of 2016 and the current fidget spinner trend. However, videos of levitating hoverboard prototypes are taking the Internet by storm, and news of actual hover boards are becoming […]

Balance board 101: From IndoBoards to Hoverboards

Balanced Boards Indo boards

First-timers with a hoverboard can feel like the self-balancing feature does everything for them. In part, this is true, as hoverboards are now manufactured to be the safest they can be. Still, most people are up for the challenge of balancing the hoverboard by themselves. When this happens, the most common result is people falling […]

The Best And The Worst About Levit8ion ION Hoverboard

Levit8ion ION Hoverboard

When it comes to high-quality hoverboards, the Levit8ion ION hoverboard is in the “must-have” list for every rider. Even though hoverboards gained momentum when they were first launched in the market, the hype vanished quickly. Why? Simple. Most hoverboards going out to the market didn’t have a safety compliance on their lithium-ion batteries. This, in turn, […]

Why Uncertified Hoverboards Are Dangerous Hoverboards?

dangerous hoverboards

Reasons: Why Uncertified Hoverboards Are Dangerous Hoverboards? Today, there are two ways in which you could obtain a risky, substandard, uncertified dangerous hoverboards. The First is through unscrupulous retailers bent on turning a profit. If you think, however, that the second reason involves the purchase of cheap hoverboards, then you are wrong. To put it […]