How to Make Sure Your Hoverboard Comes With a Samsung Battery

Samsung Battery in hoverboard

The Samsung battery module is one of the most important components of the best hoverboards on the market as of now. After some hoverboards caught fire in 2015 and 2016, the hoverboard industry took action. Hoverboard manufacturers increased attention towards battery manufacturers and regulators. This caught Samsung’s attention, and the company decided to produce safe battery cells that would not explode or catch fire.

The problem is those hoverboard manufacturers keep on using faulty batteries, sometimes even disguising them as Samsung-made. Knowing how to identify a bad or fake battery is crucial. This will help if you intend on having a backup battery for extended hoverboard use.

Samsung battery module: It’s all about lasting longer

Batteries may also become damaged over time, just like with any electronic gadget. You can tell when a battery has gone bad if the charge does not last for long after being unplugged.

Hoverboard Samsung Battery

First, one must realize that the battery’s label does not matter too much. Hoverboard batteries are regularly replaced by shipping agents, retailers, and manufacturers alike. Worrying about its authenticity is useless because Samsung produces the battery cells, not the battery pack as a whole.

To ensure that you’ve got a real Samsung-made battery, you must open up the package and see an individual battery cell. These may be wrapped in a protective casing, which you should be careful not to tear apart. A real Samsung battery cell will have a serial number. Also, it will have the Samsung logo printed on the hoverboard’s battery protective casing.

Having problems with your hoverboard battery? You can always trace it back to the source

Checking with the seller is another option. In that case, you would be relying on whatever they tell you. In any case, you should trust what the seller is telling you.

Sellers should be straightforward when it comes to information concerning their hoverboard’s batteries. Seeing that this is one of the key topics regarding hoverboard safety, sellers must adapt. 

Thankfully, most hoverboards are now UL-certified. Hoverboard batteries are manufactured by large companies such as LG and Samsung. Still, it is way cheaper on a large scale for a seller to get different, lower-quality batteries. Thus, ending up with sellers auctioning non-certified batteries instead of the ones with a UL compliance. 

Before buying any hoverboard, one must be completely sure that it will be safe. The price is not that important if you’re paying for your own or your kids’ safety. A hoverboard is one of the best holiday presents a child would want in this day and age. Large tires, LED lights, and Bluetooth speakers, won’t do any good if the hoverboard comes with an unreliable battery.

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