Beyond the UL 2272: Why Are Hoverboards Safe Now?

are hoverboards safe

Are hoverboards safe now? As hoverboards are just two years old, yet we’ve known about them for years, partly thanks to modern movies and sci-fi series. We’ve always wondered what it would be to drive a scooter without using our hands, while engineers wondered how could they make it a reality.

Besides the ability to keep itself balanced, a hoverboard needs a reliable power source. That’s where lithium-ion batteries came in. But because the technology remains relatively young, many of these batteries were issued faulty and ended up catching on fire.

Tech enthusiasts may know that, although one may be excited about the latest gadget to get out, it is not wise to buy them right away. Why? The first batch tends to come with factory design flaws, as it is the case with hoverboards and the Samsung Note 7 smartphones.

Are Hoverboards Safe after the Implementation of UL 2272 Certification?

Now, hoverboards must come with a safety certification known as the UL 2272 standard. UL 2272 certification is a must for e-mobility devices to get their electrical systems checked to avoid harming the user. The measure was approved and published on November 21, 2016, and so far. The UL safety compliance has been implemented in the majority, if not all hoverboards currently sold on the market.

The standard is recognized in both the U.S. and Canada. And it is present through a UL mark on the packaging. A UL holographic label and another mark in the inferior part of the product.

Despite the UL 2272 being a warranty for safe use, the user must still refrain from exposing the self balancing scooter to flammable materials and only use the charger provided in the original packaging. The Hoverboard should never be left unattended when charging. If hoverboard has completed its charge then it should be unplugged from the power outlet.

There are also counterfeit products, although the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency makes an effort to stop these from circulating.

Want to get a great UL Certified Hoverboard? Here are some options for kids & adults:

  • Levit8ion ION 6.5” Hoverboard: For only $162.99 you can get this incredible hoverboard. It is perfect for beginners, and it comes with tires specially designed to avoid slipping and ensure maximum control.
  • Levit8ion Ultra 7.5” Hoverboard: This one is a tad more advanced, as it comes equipped with an LCD screen, a detachable Samsung battery, and its dedicated mobile app. It costs $219.99 and it can climb slopes, turn in tight spaces, and travel 20 kilometers on a single charge.
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