Where to Buy the Best Hoverboard for Kids in 2018

Hoverboard for kids

As you’ve probably seen on social media, the hoverboard trend has quickly grown in today’s youth, keep reading and find which is the best hoverboard for kids to buy in 2018. Thanks to most hoverboard stores and manufacturers have created new lighter, slower and smaller models that suit kids more appropriately.

For this market. the best hoverboard brands have also included the Led Headlight and in some cases the built-in Bluetooth speakers to its products. Hoverboards are not just for transportation, they have been integrated into sports like football, yoga, hockey and into people’s daily basis, especially kids.

Could Hoverboards Remain Popular?

There’s a reason why hoverboards have taken over the #1 gift on most children’s wish list. All parents must ensure their kid’s safety teaching them self-balancing tips and tricks before jumping on their new hoverboard, regardless that these hoverboards for kids are slower than regular ones.

hoverboard for kids

Despite the bad publicity caused by some hoverboards blasting in flames some years ago, the UL 2272 Certification has gained back users trust by making them safer. When looking to buy hoverboards for kids, there are some pointers you have to take into consideration before purchasing your kid’s new ride:

Key Differences Between Hoverboard for Kids & Regular Hoverboards

Age: Sometimes depending on the kid’s age, you may want to think twice before buying a hoverboard for your youngster. The recommended ages are between 8 – 12

Weight: Keep in mind hoverboards have a maximum load weight limit and generally it ranges between 180-220 lbs. So, remember the hoverboard you just bought is only fitted for kids, and adults riding it who exceed the weight load can get injured or damage the product.

Size to choose: Remember that depending on the size you choose your hoverboard will range from a simple 6.5″ with hard rubber tires, to a 10″ with suspension and all-terrain tires.

hoverboard kids

Hidden Benefits of Any Hoverboard for Kids:

  • Great for core exercises
  • Develop self-balance
  • Kids can learn responsibility
  • Help your child get active
  • Improve their reflexes

Top 4 Self Balancing Scooters / Hoverboard For Kids:

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Levit8ion ION 6.5”

The 6.5” ION hoverboard is the go-to self-balancing scooter thanks to its UL 2272 Safety Certification. The ION has a max load of 120 Kg and has a revamped power with a 200W Dual Motor.

6.5-inch wheels

Led Headlight and wheels

Reaches 12 Km/h top speed

It takes 2.5 hours to charge but ranges 10 Km per charge

Include a built-in Bluetooth

Levit8ion Xtreme:

UL 2272 Safety Certification

Max load of 120 Kg

Hang Hong 350W Dual Motor

8.5-inch wheels suited for all terrains

Led Headlight

Reaches 12 Km/h top speed

It takes 2.5 hours to charge but ranges 20 Km per charge

Include a built-in Bluetooth

Swagtron T6:

UL 2272 Safety Certification

Max load 180 Kg

300W Dual Motor

10-inch wheels suited for all terrains

Led Headlight

Reaches 19 Km/h top speed

It takes 3 hours to charge but ranges 12 Miles per charge

Include a built-in Bluetooth

EpikGo Classic:

UL 2272 Safety Certification

Maxi-Load of 100 Kg

400W Dual Motors

9.5-inch wheels suited for all terrains

Led Headlight

It takes 2 hours to charge but ranges 15 Km per charge

All-terrain Tires


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