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Top Board Reviews is composed of a team of tech enthusiasts working to ensure that the website becomes the ultimate online resource, helping consumers make intelligent decisions when it comes to hoverboard purchases.

We are striving to deliver relevant information in concise and balanced format. This goal is complemented by wit, commentary and expert analysis to present deep and meaningful insights for each topic and subject published.


Our reviews come in various forms but there are at least three categories that we believe are useful to consumers most. First, we provide in-depth reviews, which include analysis, first-hand impressions and comprehensive outline of specifications.

Our reviews also include coverage of breaking developments of emerging hoverboard technologies and products as well as notes on trending stories about these so that our readers are always in the loop.

Finally, we are also on the lookout for deals, bargains and steals. We hope that our content could provide even more tangible benefits to our readers.

Overall, our content is mostly driven by one overarching philosophy: that the Top Board Reviews is about experiencing cutting edge technology and that what you read are our thoughts, impressions, views, opinions and passions. In the process, we expect to help you figure out which hoverboard will best suit your needs. In this way, we are creating value for you.

About Us: Top Board Reviews

Top Board Reviews is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona. The company has been publishing reviews since it was founded in 2015.

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